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We know our most important job is to support you, so you can spend your time doing what you do best: selling. Our hands-on approach ensures that your customers are well taken care during both the pre- and post-install at no additional cost to you. Plus, our industry-leading compensation program is timely, rewarding and transparent.

We Earn Our Percentage

01 Commissions

We offer competitive commissions you can count on being paid accurately on time, every time. Plus, with our escalating commission structure, when you sell more, you make more.

02 Referral Incentives

Our Effortless Referral Revenue program offers industry-leading referral compensation. Simply send us a qualified lead, and when our team signs them up, you’ll earn 30% upfront and residual.

03 Training and Support

Our industry is dynamic and evolving. We'll help you stay up to date on the latest trends by hosting monthly training seminars, sharing best practices and ongoing support. We provide the right tools so you can deliver outstanding customer service and maximize your sales.

04 Pre-Sale Support

We employ a dedicated, in-house carrier and quote research team to assist in provider and solution selection. Any time you have an address, product or service requirement, send it to us, and we’ll get back to you within 24-48 hours with the answers you need.

05 Post-Sale Support

Our dedicated team is the first layer of support for your customers. For no additional costs or hidden fees, we'll work with the carriers until the support or billing issue is corrected so your client can get back to running their business and you can concentrate on your next deal.

06 Carrier Network

We partner with a broad portfolio of leading data, voice, cloud and managed service providers. Each one is carefully vetted to save you time and ensure customer satisfaction.

"iTelecom simply knows what they are doing and can get it done. They understand the complexities of implementing a hosted VoIP system and have the systems in place to make sure it is implemented right the first time. The iTelecom team provides an unparalleled level of SERVICE to their customers and are always quick to respond."

REDE PS, Agent

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