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As a leading master agent, iTelecom has assembled a cross functional team of Telecom and Technology connoisseurs that can address the needs of today’s demanding IT infrastructure 종이 의 집 시즌 1. With proven technology from vetted carriers, we equip Telco agents, IT professionals and manage service providers (MSP) with the tools necessary to meet the demands of today’s clients 서울남산체 폰트. Our partners extend their reach with iTelecom by delivering the latest solutions in UCaas, traditional voice, public/private data access, cloud services and everything in between Download the styler.

Our Elite Commitment to You:

Person to project support: iTelecom provides a single point of contact to every project 루피 랜드스케이프 다운로드. The iTelecom project manager who quotes the service is the same person who manages the install and support. This leads to an intimate knowledge of a client’s services Download The Wind Forest Volcano. The more educated we are with a client’s service and configuration history, the better we can assist you and them.

Our partners reach out to the same familiar person who has been there from the beginning – from the initial quote, order tracking and installation – and all throughout any escalation or backend support 한국인의 밥상.

Industry Leading Response Time: Our agent partners spend less time on hold and more time selling 둔재무적. We never make our clients or agents go through a portal or system to get assistance. We support every product our agent partners sell through iTelecom 실고딕.

Transparency: iTelecom prides itself on its project and commission transparency 새찬송가 반주. Our agents always know they are getting the correct percentage and amount for the deals brought to us. We also greatly respect the relationship you have with your client 여의도순복음교회. iTelecom will always recognize that relationship and work hard to make it even stronger.

Direct Carrier Support: We collaborate with many Telecom and IT providers, but we work with carriers who provide iTelecom direct access to their customer service channels. By vetting select carriers that exceed customer expectations we ensure happy clients for our partners.

Facilitate sales productivity: We empower our agent partner with the proper tools to grow their business and deepen the customer engagement. By enhancing our partners’ solution portfolios and offerings, agent partners remain competitive, gain value and increase their bottom lines.

Total Service Spend Strategy: As a customer centric company we believe in the power of long term relationships. We align our strategy with agent partners to provide added value to their clients. Our partners are well equipped to gain as many of their client’s services as possible, or what we call, the client’s Total Service Spend (TSS). By acquiring a clients’ TSS, agents have a client for life.

We could go on and on about ourselves like our partners do but why not see for yourself. Sell more and have more satisfied clients, sign up with iTelecom today.

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