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"Fast and responsive customer support! You can tell the company revolves around having top notch customer service!"Avery & Greig, LLP
Avery & Greig, LLP
“We have used iTelecom and Star2Star for the past 3 years and could not be happier. The service is reliable and the support we get is top notch. They even made our office move seamless."Bear Grylls Ventures
Bear Grylls Ventures
“In the 3 years I have been with iTelecom and Star 2 Star, the service level and quality of the product has been exceptional.  iTelecom is always ready to assist with any problem needed and their response time is excellent.  I would personally not choose any other vendor for the Star 2 Star services.”Bertrand’s Music
Bertrand’s Music
“The iTelecom team is awesome! We are pretty high maintenance and they are always very patient with us and handle our requests immediately. I would highly recommend their services to any business. They have been a great partner and an asset to our company.”Body Glove
Body Glove
“I’m couldn’t be more pleased with Cheviot’s phone system. It’s reliable, intuitive, and not expensive. I’m particularly impressed with the iTelecom team who have always been quick to respond to all of our needs, questions, and requests. I give iTelecom my whole-hearted recommendation.”Cheviot Value Management
Cheviot Value Management
“I’m couldn’t be more pleased with Cheviot’s phone system. It’s reliable, intuitive, and not expensive. I’m particularly impressed with the iTelecom team who have always been quick to respond to all of our needs, questions, and requests. I give iTelecom my whole-hearted recommendation.”Cheviot Value Management
Cheviot Value Management
“We have only been iTelecom customers for about 6 months but in that time we have experienced tremendous customer service! The staff is extremely responsive, friendly and accommodating."Conneaut Leather
Conneaut Leather
“It is a pleasure to work with both iTelecom and Star2Star. In a busy industry like ours, issues need to be handled as quickly as possible. Both iTelecom and Star2Star fill that roll for us. We are very happy with our phone system and support when issues arise.”
Del, Shaw, Moonves, Tanaka, Finkelstein & Lezcano, LLP
“Our organization, a small non-profit educational foundation, decided upon and implemented the Star to Star system through iTelecom in early-2013 and can attest to both the quality of the system and support we’ve received. Requests for changes and service are handled quickly and the system has performed nearly seamlessly. We offer the highest recommendation for both.”ERDT/SHARE!
“iTelecom service is excellent. We are able to identify the caller prior to answering the phone and the easy access with the fax linked to our desktop. If there are any problems, iTelecom response time is immediate. Thank you for making our life easier at work.”California Claims Management Services, Inc.
California Claims Management Services, Inc.
“iTelecom's customer service has been very prompt, clear, and simple with any technical assistance needed. iTelecom has been invaluable in our transition.”Finish Line Physical Therapy
Finish Line Physical Therapy
“iTelecom has the best customer service and support”Generations Senior Living
Generations Senior Living
“Both iTelecom and Star2Star have provided me with flexible options and great service so that I can focus on running my business. I would highly recommend them both.”Kitchen Associates and Sterling Surfaces
Kitchen Associates and Sterling Surfaces
“We are thrilled with our new Star2Star phones and service.  The installation and support we receive from iTelecom is professional and always above and beyond.  Highly recommend both iTelecom for any of your needs and Star2Star's technology.”Positive Eye Ons
Positive Eye Ons
“We have been very pleased with the services provided by iTelecom for the installation and service of our Star2Star VOIP phone system. We find their staff to be knowledgeable and friendly. And response to our requests has always been prompt and effective.”RACO Interior Products
RACO Interior Products
“The iTelecom team is fantastic. Their response time, in my experience, is second to none. Not only do they respond quickly to all requests for support, they also are quick to address any changes or additions to our phone system through Star2Star. I highly recommend iTelecom as their support is fantastic.”Take Ctrl
Take Ctrl
"iTelecom has shown themselves to be knowledgeable of their products and patient with those who are not familiar with the vast array of IT issues. Knowing that somebody is always there to provide support gives me peace of mind and allows me to focus on running my business."Orthopaedic Surgery Center of Clearwater, LLC
Orthopaedic Surgery Center of Clearwater, LLC
“We are a nonprofit and do not have the resources for an in-house IT department, so we needed a company that could manage the entire migration.  We chose iTelecom and Star2Star because it required less bandwidth to make each call and had dedicated bandwidth so it wouldn’t slow down our business when multiple people were on the phone.  The setup and installations in both our LA and DC offices were smooth thanks to iTelecom.  We have been using the Star2Star system for about one year, and are extremely satisfied with it.  I highly recommend both the Star2Star system, and using iTelecom facilitate the transition to VOIP phones.”After School All Stars
After School All Stars
“The iTelecom/Star 2 Star system install in our new facility was the easiest part of our relocation. They created a system that was personalized to fit our needs in record breaking time. From installation to training, all of our requirements were met with incredible speed and efficiency.”MOLE-Richardson Co., LTD.
MOLE-Richardson Co., LTD.
“Star2Star and iTelecom are an unbeatable match. From deciding which components our firm required through the install and training, they are top notch. Even after the install and training, they have been there for any additional questions or tweaks to the system we have requested. We are beyond pleased with the system and the iTelecom service. I highly recommend them for any business.”Mallery and Stern
Mallery and Stern
“iTelecom/Star2Star provided us with a seamless transition and excellent service when we recently moved our offices. Our new phone system has great features and the sound quality is crystal clear. Their customer service after the sale is top notch.”Concern Foundation
Concern Foundation
“iTelecom and Star2Star have been great.  They are extremely responsive to our issues and always go above and beyond to resolve them as quickly as possible!”Gonzales & Gonzales Immigration Bonds
Gonzales & Gonzales Immigration Bonds
“iTelecom has been amazing through the entire process of implementing our new Star2Star phone system.  From advising us on our needs, implementation and continued service of our system, they provide excellent service and fast response.  We are extremely happy with our partnership with iTelecom!”KPG Healthcare
KPG Healthcare
"ITelecom has handled all of our customer service requests immediately and with great attention to detail.  The technicians are knowledgeable and friendly.  They respond promptly whether our request is for help is with a major problem or a minor tweak."Michael Steinberg & Associates
Michael Steinberg & Associates
“Before we switched to Star 2 Star there were many worries about how the transition would work and could our employees adapt easily to the new system. iTelecom was amazing with their training and ever-available assistance with any help we needed.  Thank you for your great product and service.”St. Vincent de Paul Parish
St. Vincent de Paul Parish
“iTelecom has been extremely knowledgeable, professional, helpful, and patient with our company’s transition to Star2Star. Without iTelecom's experience and help through each step of the process, I am not sure we would of been able to make this transition a reality. I feel confident in knowing I have ITelecom and Star2Star providing my VOIP needs.”Wilshire Coin
Wilshire Coin
“Star2Star, and the awesome team at iTelecom, have broadened our ability to meet the various and varying needs of our school community. The level of support is impressive. Our staff had many questions during our transition from a traditional phone system to Star2Star. The iTelecom team responds rapidly and knowledgeably.”Our Lady of Lourdes Parish School
Our Lady of Lourdes Parish School
“We have recently upgraded our outdated phone system. iTelecom and Star2Star helped us every step of the way.  We truly appreciate their level of support and willingness to jump in and promptly answer any VOIP questions our department has had.  Very satisfied with our new solution.”Trinity Preparatory School
Trinity Preparatory School
"My office has been with iTelecom for the past several years after a few years of horrible service with our previous carrier.  They have been very responsive any time I have an issue or need to change any programming which I do several times a month! It is a pleasure working with them.”Brunswick Orthopaedic Associates
Brunswick Orthopaedic Associates
“iTelecom is amazing! It really starts with our sales rep, he was very hands on, and never left me uninformed. iTelecom was very motivated with keeping the vendors we choose on task and delivered solutions not only on time, but earlier than expected in some instances. I couldn’t be any happier, I couldn’t imagine partnering with a better solutions provider for our telecom needs.”SHL Group
SHL Group
“iTelecom with Star2Star has been extremely helpful for any projects our company was transitioning too. Fast responses with excellent communication and quick solutions is everything we’ve experienced. The staff is always eager to help and has helped us improved in technology and savings cost.”Sterling Paper
Sterling Paper
“iTelecom has been a huge help for me to run my day to day operations, they have simplified how my company operates while reducing my monthly cost. If I ever have an issue, they are only a phone call or email away.”Atlantis Auto
Atlantis Auto
Agent Testimonials
“When selling traditional phone systems no longer made sense for my business (established in 1989) I needed a vendor/partner that would allow me to continue my long relationships with valued customers and grow my business. I entered into agreements with three master agents. After the dust settled I now work almost exclusively with iTelecom for the simple reason that they have integrity, follow up in a timely manner and have a terrific portfolio of products. You can depend on them when the chips are down.”Cloud IT/AMC Office
Cloud IT/AMC Office
“iTelecom has been a great resource for telecommunications implementations and support. They are very knowledgeable in multiple platforms, products and services. Their sales and technical staff are very knowledgeable and helpful throughout the process of consultation, design, implementation and post install support. They have assisted me in numerous projects from scaling from large multi-location projects to small business with 2 to 10 users.”Alpha Management & Consulting, Inc.
Alpha Management & Consulting, Inc.
“I have worked with iTelecom for past four years and found them to be very helpful and extremely efficient. The iTelecom Team always gets back to me quickly with the pricing details and the contracts I need. In addition, I find them just as helpful on the post-sale as the pre-sale. I always feel comfortable when I'm working with them and have no reservations recommending them to anyone looking for a good master agent.”Merritt Johnson Consulting
Merritt Johnson Consulting
“iTelecom simply knows what they are doing and can get it done. They understand the complexities of implementing a hosted VoIP system and have the systems in place to make sure it is implemented right the first time. The iTelecom team provides an unparalleled level of SERVICE to their customers and are always quick to respond.”REDE PS
“My initial contact with iTelecom was with Micah Bevitz. And from the very first conversation on, I felt I was in the hands of professionals who cared about their clients. I got great advice on options to solve whatever problem I was having. Major upgrades and cutovers have been planned and executed very well, with near 0 down time. When my clients need something that can be provided by iTelecom, they are my first recommendation.”Common Logic Systems Inc.
Common Logic Systems Inc.
“We came to iTelecom after a really bad experience with another Master Agent, they were very transparent on the order process and compensation from the beginning. They provided in depth training and really made the sales process easy. They also stay on the forefront of technology that allowed my team to have a competitive advantage. Don’t know where my company would be without them.”A&J Telco
A&J Telco
Carrier Testimonial
"We are honored to have iTelecom as a fast growing partner. iTelecom truly takes care of their agents and teaches them how to optimize their financial and overall business success selling Star2Star."Star2Star President Michelle Accardi
Star2Star President Michelle Accardi
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