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Superior Support.

The cornerstone of our culture is support. As leading technology solution architects, we pride ourselves on providing both our iAgents and our customers with the highest levels of service. Our preferred providers have been thoroughly vetted, and our hands-on approach ensures that both the pre- and post-install process will be seamless.

About Us

Our Services Customized Solutions That Meet Your Needs

Our team of experts will thoroughly assess your needs and customize our broad range of services to fit your particular requirements. With every client, we strive to deliver the right solution that will not only improve quality but also lower your costs.

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Vetted Portfolio of Leading Carriers

Never Wait on Hold With a Carrier Again

Your time is valuable. That’s why we are the first layer of support for our customers and our iAgents’ customers. We handle both billing and technical issues, and are the single point of contact before, during and after installation. We provide outstanding customer service every step of the way.

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iAgents We Earn Our Percentage

Our iAgent program and first of its kind app will save you time and help you earn more money by putting everything you need at your fingertips. Plus, our customer services and nationwide tech support teams are your team, so you can focus on what you do best, selling. We’ll ensure that your customers are well taken care of at no additional cost.

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Testimonials What Our iAgents, Clients and Carriers Are Saying

"SUPPORT, SUPPORT, and SUPPORT. iTelecom and the team they have put together are a dream to work with. The iTelecom team makes the entire process from sales to support work like magic. The iTelecom support staff is second to none. They are quick to make changes that are requested or get on the phone with a vendor to resolve an issue on our behalf. I know we are in good hands when we work with iTelecom, and I also feel they care just as much about our business as we do."

Coastal Waste & Recycling - Customer

"iTelecom is great! We are very happy with how iTelecom handled the phone system project, and their professionalism has been terrific. I highly recommend them; the service from their team has been the highlight of the experience."

Law Offices of Gary J. Drucker, P.A. - Customer

"iTelecom has been an invaluable asset to our company. We’ve been exceptionally happy with their services and support. Our Account Manager has saved us a ton of money. They are always informing us of new promotional deals, new rates and overall, making sure we are getting the most out of our telecom expenditures."

The Broad Foundation - Customer

"We are a multi-site women’s clinic, and iTelecom had us ready to work remotely before the pandemic started. When we had to move call center agents and nurses home, it was business as usual with no interruptions. iTelecom also managed to keep us HIPAA compliant, which has been very reassuring. While other clinics were scrambling to take care of their IT, we were able to put our patients first. iTelecom helped keep a lot of women and families connected to their physician in this time of need."

Women's Center of Orlando - Customer

"I have worked with iTelecom for the past four years and found them to be very helpful and extremely efficient. The iTelecom team always gets back to me quickly with the pricing details and the contracts I need. In addition, I find them just as helpful on the post-sale as the pre-sale. I always feel comfortable when I'm working with them and have no reservations recommending them to anyone looking for a good master agent."

Merritt Johnson Consulting - iAgent

"The iTelecom leadership and support teams have allowed our company to quickly prepare and enact a work-from-home presence. Their prompt response, sometimes with less than 15 minutes notice, has given us the flexibility to make key decisions with our remote response plan. It is clear to see that iTelecom has played a vital part of our communication plan’s success during these unprecedented circumstances."


"We are honored to have iTelecom as a fast-growing partner. iTelecom truly takes care of their agents and teaches them how to optimize their financial and overall business success selling Star2Star."

Star2Star - Carrier

"iTelecom is hands down the best solution for any business that is dependent on reliable telecom and internet services. We have been utilizing iTelecom's services since 2011 and could not be happier with their products and prompt attention to detail. Any time we have a question, we receive a response within minutes. These guys are the best in the business!"

Maguire & Hart - Customer

"My initial contact with iTelecom was with Micah Bevitz. From the very first conversation on, I felt I was in the hands of professionals who cared about their clients. I got great advice on options to solve whatever problem I was having. Major upgrades and cutovers have been planned and executed very well, with near zero downtime. When my clients need something that can be provided by iTelecom, they are my first recommendation."

Common Logic Systems Inc. - iAgent

"iTelecom has been so accommodating and patient with our needs. Our internet was so slow prior to getting their equipment in our gym. We can run our business so much more efficiently now. Their customer service has been great. I get responses from them immediately whenever I have questions. So happy!"

Club Champion Gymnastics - Customer