Bring Hybrid to New Heights

Posted June 20, 2022 in Technology

Adam Cole

Most CEOs say hybrid work will be a long-term workplace model for their companies. Hybrid and work-from-home programs can enable your business to improve its ability to attract and retain talent, mainly by removing geographic limitations to access talent. This model can also improve employee morale and reduce stress factors contributing to employee burnout.

Don’t Let Hybrid Weight You Down

To get the most out of your company’s hybrid and remote office setup, you need to configure your office tech the right way to enable:

  • Always on access and operability
  • Effective time management,
  • Productivity and collaboration
  • Trust-building
  • Employee engagement

Help for Hybrid

Creating the perfect mix of technology solutions to empower your hybrid work strategy can mean going through a lot of trial and error. This takes time and can be very expensive. Leveraging the support of an experienced MSP, like iTelecom, can be a significant time and budget saver for your business. We determine what hardware and software (both local and cloud-based) best fit your needs. You can take advantage of our expertise with the best business tech solutions and from working with other companies in your space.

Taking Stock of Your Stack

When we create and implement your hybrid work strategy, we evaluate the compatibility of your programs and software tools. Not every software can smoothly transition into a cloud-based architecture, and communication across software tools may not initially work. You may or may not need native integrations or an application programming interface to get essential business solutions to communicate with one another.

Taming Your Technology

The more software programs you try to get to work together, the more complicated managing your tech stack will be. We help you review all of the different solutions your business uses and try to see if any are redundant. We also check for updated solutions on the market that would allow you to replace other solutions by combining the different functions of the older programs into a single tool. Cutting extraneous software from your tech stack not only simplifies management but can also help you save money on software licensing fees.

Carrying Computers

Depending on your business set-up, consider providing company-owned devices vs. a bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policy for all employees. There are benefits to providing company company-owned devices:

  • Greater control over how employees use work devices
  • Unified tech stack instead of trying to integrate multiple device types
  • Improved security by ensuring remote desktop management and security software is installed to wipe the device remotely if it is ever lost or stolen

iTelecom can audit and streamline your technology to ensure that no matter your workplace set up, you can focus on running your business instead of worrying about connectivity and failure of productivity tools.