How moving to the cloud can free up your IT to be more strategic.

Posted February 28, 2020 in Technology

Micah Bevitz, iTelecom CEO

Although cloud computing has been around for decades, many of our clients remain unsure of the benefits and if making the switch is right for them. The main advantages of switching to the cloud are increased business efficiencies, cost savings, better security, quicker disaster recovery and improved collaboration.

Since switching to the cloud will reduce your support and hardware needs, your onsite IT or outside IT/MSP consultant may be leery. Cloud desktops and servers can oftentimes eliminate the need for the first layer support that your current IT professional is used to performing. The reality is that this level of support is probably not the part of their job that they enjoy the most. By moving to the cloud, your IT won’t be needed less. On the contrary, they will be freed up to provide a more strategic level of support like identifying the best applications to improve efficiencies or drive profits, supporting your users on the chosen applications and planning for future growth and managing resources.

As you consider moving to the cloud, work with your IT professional to identify how they can best shift their focus from fixing hardware and handling upgrades to more exciting and strategic initiatives that they enjoy more and your company will benefit from.

By making the switch, you’ll enjoy the many benefits of cloud computing, and your IT team will get to play a more strategic role in your company’s growth.