Should You Be Considering Colocation?

Posted November 4, 2020 in General

Adam Cole

One of the many pressing issues facing business owners and leaders is how and where to store their data.

If you haven’t thought about using a data center or a colocation service yet, you are most likely using your version of on-premise, in-house hosting with servers and networking hardware that you own.

Small business owners that take care of their own IT data support say that the most significant challenges they face are the cost of upgrades, security issues, maintenance of technology, lack of service expertise and time to fix the problems. Dealing with all these complex issues can pull your focus away from the daily management of your business.

Successful entrepreneurs tell business owners to outsource non-core activities. If your expertise isn’t in data management, leave it up to the experts.

Colocation is using a data center and its servers as a shared facility. A colocation provider can store your company’s data and manage it for you alongside other companies’ and other individuals’ data.

Benefits of Colocating:

  1. Cost-savings. Datacenter providers bear the capital expenses of owning real-estate with redundant infrastructure, cooling equipment, electrical equipment and facilities teams. You get to benefit from the economies of scale.
  2. Scalability. As your company grows, colocation services offer your business the ability to expand and upgrade your system without reconfiguring your entire setup. Increasing your server capacity typically means adding more hardware, but these services can make expanding quick and painless.
  3. Latest Tech. Data centers have the latest and greatest technology to manage your data, which is probably not the case when it comes to your own in-house data management system. They may also use the latest in real-estate tech to manage building operations like energy-efficient cooling systems.
  4. Security. Colocation facilities often have much better security than private-owned offices. These facilities are monitored 24/7 and are ready for threats from inside and out. They are prepared for emergencies like earthquakes, floods and fires.

As you can see, deciding on where and how to store your data is a critical decision for every business.  iTelecom can help you select the right data center to fulfill your colocation requirements. Our focus is to help you safeguard your mission-critical data while providing premium support, reliability and security. We partner with the best data centers worldwide to ensure we can support your business needs.