Why Law Firms Need to Focus on Cyber Security

Posted January 19, 2021 in Security

Law Firm Cyber Security

Law firms are particularly vulnerable to cyberattacks. Many law firms mistakenly believe that they cannot afford cybersecurity. The number and expense of cyberattacks increase each year exponentially. Yet, less than 10% of attorneys name cybersecurity as a top concern.

Despite the number and expense of cyberattacks increases exponentially each year, less than 10% of attorneys name cybersecurity as a top concern.

  • 35% of law firms with 10-49 attorneys fell victim to cyberattacks last year (Source: American Bar Association)
  • Average cost of a ransomware attack on a business is $133,000 (Source: American Bar Association)
  • Cyberattacks are cited as No. 2 in the top 10 global business risks (Source: World Economic Forum)

Clients expect, and some even require law firms to have robust cybersecurity plans in place. Taking “reasonable efforts” to ensure the safety of client information has become an essential aspect of law firm management.

Target on Law Firms

Lawyers help their clients with the nitty-gritty details for mergers and acquisitions, intellectual property and other confidential business activities. With a treasure trove of information, attorneys are prime targets for hackers.

A cyberattack can have serious consequences for law firms, including theft of client assets, breaches of confidential and sensitive information, structural and financial instability, reputational damage, damage to IT infrastructure and loss of clients.

We provide customized solutions for legal firms designed to optimize your business and reduce your vulnerability.

  1. Enhancing Security & Compliance

    • Proactively defend against cyber attacks
    • Enable individual encryption keys and role-based authentication
    • Eliminate single point of data failures with multiple disaster-proof backups
    • Execute daily system snapshots offering quick network, workstation and file recovery
    • Implement protective tools to meet the requirements of clients
  2. Improving Team Productivity

    • Preserve business continuity and optimize remote work readiness
    • Deploy secure collaboration tools for information exchanges internally and with your clients
    • Minimize system and communications down-time
  3. Reducing Costs

    • Reduce costs associated with buying and maintaining IT hardware and software
    • Eliminate the need for someone on your team to keep up with technology and system maintenance
    • Modernize your legacy infrastructure to support your business for long-term growth

iTelecom is a trusted partner of many law firms – a source of network, cloud, communications and overall connectivity consultation and support. Let us help you keep your sensitive information safe and your team productive.