Why Satellite Broadband is a Good Option

Posted May 19, 2021 in General

Adam Cole

The pandemic supercharged the trend of Americans moving from big cities to suburban and rural areas. In 2020, seven million people moved to a different county. Now over 46 million Americans live in rural areas. Nationwide, many businesses have also moved or opened additional facilities to accommodate the spreading workforce.

Even within large metropolitan areas, rural land pockets are interspersed throughout more populated regions. With schools and work going virtual, many of us came face-to-face with the digital divide in our country where high-speed internet access is still not available.

At iTelecom, we are known for vetting the best solutions at the best prices for our clients. One solution that continues to deliver, especially where traditional high-speed services are not present, is satellite broadband for business. Below are six key benefits of satellite internet:

1. Available almost everywhere
Satellite internet is available to 96 percent of the U.S. population. It is a proven solution for rural businesses, and it is available just about anywhere, including suburbs and cities. If your business is stuck on an old land-based network or you are in an area with overloaded cell towers, satellite broadband for business may be a great option too.

2. VoIP works too>
Our satellite broadband partners prioritize VoIP applications, so VoIP full-featured voice services can work well right out of the box and run over satellite. Satellite Internet VoIP allows you to make calls over the Internet with the clarity of a landline or cell phone. You can browse, send/receive emails, download files, and make calls, all at the same time.

3. Speeds rival or surpass DSL and T-1
In the past, some people believed that satellite internet was available as a backup for connectivity. Today, satellite speeds and functionality rival or surpass DSL and T-1 business services and serve as the primary connectivity solution for many businesses.

4. Satellite internet is optimized to withstand weather impact
Clouds, wind and light rain do not impact satellite internet service. All communications are vulnerable to catastrophic conditions such as blizzards and tornados. Hurricanes are known to knock out cable, DSL and phone services, cellular sites including call centers that process 911 calls. Those companies with satellite business internet services may remain online and are typically able to get back online first during post-storm chaos.

5. Easy and fast installation
Satellite internet dishes are now small; most dishes are 30”x28” and are easy to install on a roof, side of a building or pole. Unlike the residential customer experience, business installations are scheduled and happen much more quickly.

6. Wi-fi included
Lastly, satellite broadband services include built-in wi-fi for cross-device connectivity.

Although city dwellers sometimes forget satellite internet, it is a good option that we can implement for you to keep your business going where ever you are. Want to learn more or evaluate if satellite internet is right for your business? Give the experts at iTelecom a call.