Managing Your State of Mind to Optimize Performance

Posted October 22, 2020 in General

Adam Cole

What do you think is the most important weapon in your sales arsenal?

It is your mindset, and it can be your greatest tool or your biggest obstacle. I know from experience, that your mindset contributes to your success.

Countless sales training courses and podcasts are available, but unless you get a handle on managing your state of mind to optimize your sales performance, you are likely to hold yourself back.

I don’t claim that it is easy to simply adopt new ways of thinking. In fact, just thinking about changing the way you think can be overwhelming! So, I will give you my top three “reminders” you can tell yourself to get into and keep a positive mindset.

  1. “I Have So Much Opportunity – Keep Moving”

    Remind yourself that within our industry opportunities are plentiful. If a specific deal is stalled, there is no budget or the client is just not the right fit, you can and should close it out and move on.

    It is easy to focus on a lost deal where you put in a lot of effort, but dwelling on it is wasted energy. You are selling something people need and want. To help yourself get over the disappointment of a lost deal, imagine a long line of people waiting for the solutions that you bring to the table.

  2. “Rejection Does Not Equal Failure”

    As humans we are programmed to avoid pain, and rejection equals pain. Fear of rejection is very real. You have to come to terms that rejection is part of the sales process and is not personal.

    Especially for new sales people, it can be difficult to separate yourself emotionally from the sales process. When a prospective client says “no” it essentially feels as though they are saying “no” to you. Let your logical-self remind your emotional-self that the prospect is not rejecting you personally.

    It depends on your company and role, but solid salespeople close an average of 25% their sales. Coincidentally and since the World Series starts this week, did you know that the MLB baseball players batting average hovers at .250? This means that they are not successful the majority of the time too.

    Remember that line of customers you imagined, “Next in line please.”

  3. “I am a Fearless Expert”

    You are a sales professional. You are not trying to scam or cheat anyone. As a good sales pro, you are seeking to resolve problems for your customers.

    You have within your control the ability to access and absorb a lot of information about your products, services, competition and industry. Take the time to stay up to date on the latest trends and be the subject matter expert your clients deserve.

    As an expert, you will be confident and empowered to direct conversations and demonstrate authority. This inevitably leads you to fostering more leads and closing more deals.

Lastly, feel free to relish the moments when you do close deals. You’ve earned it.