Part 2: Businesses Benefiting from DaaS

Posted September 2, 2020 in Security

Adam Cole

Thanks for the positive feedback for my last blog about businesses that are benefiting from Desktop as a Service (DaaS).

Many of our clients have moved or are moving to DaaS. Here are two more examples of types of business that have discovered the DaaS advantage.

  1. Legal Industry
    The legal industry faces unique challenges, and DaaS can be a fitting solution for legal companies of all sizes.

    Security is always top of mind when dealing with sensitive legal documents. DaaS provides stronger security than traditional desktops. With DaaS, employees work within an isolated desktop environment, so that data is never stored on the endpoint device. It is easy to set defined permissions and controls – such as disabling screen capturing and printing – based on the individual that will be using that desktop.

    Staffing at law companies is variable due to pending caseloads and client turn-over. The process of bringing in and transitioning out attorneys, paralegals and legal assistants becomes smoother when you are able to provide standardized access to documents, applications, research, etc. via DaaS.

    DaaS has been a key solution for legal firms to keep their businesses strong and will continue to empower them to maintain business continuity and growth.

  2. Cannabis Companies
    The secure handling of retail customer data is now a ubiquitous necessity for all businesses. Cannabis stores run the risk of cyber theft just like any other business. However, they are at higher risk for actual physical theft. Thieves have been known to target these stores, break-in and steal their merchandise and assets.

    DaaS provides effective cyber-security by moving all customer data off of any local computers and devices that are in-store.

    If an unfortunate event such as robbery does occur, DaaS helps cannabis store owners reopen and operate more quickly. If a computer is damaged or stolen, employees can get back to work on a different computer as if nothing happened. No lasting corruption occurs to the data or the security of the workflow.

DaaS is one of the many important solutions we provide to our clients, allowing them to focus on what they do best – meeting their business goals.