Can You Cut Costs with SD-Wan?

Posted February 6, 2022 in Communications

Are you still facing issues with your current network infrastructure? Are you frustrated with the quality of your voice and video calls? If you haven’t considered the benefits of a software-defined WAN solution (SD-WAN), now might be the time. Why? SD-WAN reduces your capital expenditures, simplifies your network operations, and improves communications because it is delivered through the cloud.

Why WANs?

Wide Area Networks (WANs) facilitate communication and sharing of information between devices worldwide. WANs are essential for everyday use, as the internet can be considered the largest WAN in the world.

However, traditional WANs relied on physical routers to connect remote users to applications hosted on data centers. In the past, network engineers and administrators needed to determine the data flows by writing rules and policies, often manually, for each router on the network. The process was time-consuming, prone to errors and hard to maintain.

Previously most WAN solutions incorporated a mix of public and leased, and priority for your traffic was based on agreements with telecommunications companies. With the explosion of voice and video-based applications, WANs could not manage the transport necessary.

Superiority of SD-WAN

Simply put, SD-WAN is a new way to manage your WAN, to connect and secure all your local networks. SD-WAN is a virtualized service (software-based) that connects and extends enterprise networks over large geographical distances. SD-WAN gives users access to today’s robust business applications and resources, allowing them to work regardless of location. SD-WAN monitors the performance of WAN connections and manages traffic to maintain high speeds and optimize connectivity. SD-WAN optimizes modern businesses with hybrid or cloud-based environments.

SD-Wan is a Windfall

Businesses are flocking to SD-WAN because it offers so many benefits. Let’s look at the top three:

  1. Fast & Easy – No Hardware
    SD-WAN is deployed and controlled through a software platform rather than hardware, with a user-friendly interface making it easier to implement. You can configure SD-WAN and be ready to go at a new location quickly. SD-WAN delivers unrivaled flexibility and scalability while delivering fast connection when and where you need it.
  2. More Secure
    The outdated approach to data security utilized centralized, corporate data centers that operated as the “vault” where you kept all of your data. However, you can now rely on cloud solutions for business-critical operations, and it’s your traffic that you need to protect, especially when you’re working across multiple locations.

    A key part of SD-WAN is end-to-end encryption throughout the network. If your traffic is intercepted, your data is still protected. Your network can be segmented, containing any security breaches or damage and giving you the chance to respond quickly. User accounts can be another significant threat vector for corporate networks. SD-WAN makes account creation, editing, and removal quick and straightforward.

  1. Better Voice Quality on a More Reliable Connection
    We are all too familiar with the ins and outs of video and voice conferencing, including the common problems of clipped words and stuttering connections. SD-WAN solves these problems with Forward Error Correction (FEC) for smoother communication. If it’s relevant for your business, you can configure your network to route voice traffic along the most efficient path, to make sure that your calls are clear and consistent.

Bonus Benefit

These three benefits produce the most important benefit – SD-WAN is more cost-effective.

  • No additional hardware
  • Fast turn-around to implement
  • IT staff savings
  • Increased security
  • Better customer service
  • Improved employee communications

New advancements in SD-WAN has made it a realistic and affordable option for small and midsize businesses (SMBs) today. Want to learn more about our preferred SD-WAN carriers and if it is right for your business or clients? Contact iTelecom today at