Is Your WiFi Enough?

Posted May 22, 2022 in Communications

We expect big businesses to have 5G, which has faster speeds, better reliability, and the capacity to connect thousands of more devices than previous wireless networks. However, the demand for continuous connectivity is ubiquitous among customers and employees, no matter where they are for work or recreation.

Perhaps you have public or private WiFi installed at your company, but you may want to consider implementing both. Consumers regularly seek out complimentary WiFi service from businesses they frequent. The downsides of allowing consumers and external vendors access to your company’s private WiFi network are the drain on bandwidth and the potential for security breaches.

We are providing more and more businesses with carrier two WiFi networks as one service bundle. Companies can add a private, encrypted WiFi network for internal use and an additional public WiFi network for customers as part of internet service.

WiFi enhancements are a natural progression of your services. Here are some benefits of providing both a public and private network.

Customer satisfaction

Customers want WiFi and are happier when they get it. 80% of small businesses recently surveyed report that WiFi is a practical amenity to offer customers, even more popular than coffee, magazines, TV, water, and snacks. Business owners also believe that WiFi helps acquire new customers and drive sales and repeat visits.


You will have a commercial-grade wireless router installed. All incoming and outgoing messages on the private network are encrypted, and only authorized users can easily access servers, email, printers, and other devices throughout the company. You will also have the ongoing support of your WiFi networks and any of the services we handle for you.


By separating internal and external company WiFi use, the data transfer speed on both networks can be optimized. Customers using bandwidth on your public WiFi will not impact the information transfer rate on your private WiFi network, and vice versa. This often helps employees better serve your customers vs. apologizing for a slow internet connection.

Enhanced productivity

Creating a network that helps employees access servers, email, and printer networks wirelessly helps them be more productive. Customers can achieve similar results by staying on top of emails and messages outside their offices or homes.

Way to Go WiFi

You, your customers and your employees expect reliable connectivity everywhere they go if they are in your office, factory floor, or retail shop with poor cellular connectivity.

WiFi has become as essential to business as the internet itself. Employees need access to cloud applications and shared devices like printers, while guests and customers expect fast connections to stream videos and access social media networks.

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