Show Your Clients the Love – Creative Ways to Connect

Posted June 16, 2020 in Sales

Now may not the time when clients are responding to “Show Me the Money!”

However, it is time to ask clients to “Show Me Your Puppy!”

Selling is rarely easy, and this is one of the toughest times ever to be a salesperson. We are all facing serious issues right now, so to alleviate some of my own stress, and hopefully yours, I thought I’d touch on some more light-hearted ways to help the selling process.

The ultimate goal is for you to get to know your client and for them to get to know you. Clients are more likely to buy from you vs. someone they don’t know.

Here are a few fun ways to connect with your clients.

  • Who doesn’t love children, puppies or kittens? Many of us have been embarrassed by our significant other, kids or pets barging in on those video calls. Tell your client or prospect that you are truly checking in to see how they are doing. For example, “I’ve had the opportunity, mostly unplanned, to meet my colleagues’ families including their pets. I do love animals and I’d love to meet your dog. I’m guessing we could both use a smile today.”
  • Who doesn’t love a gift? There are such useful and fun options for digital eGift cards.
    • Who couldn’t use a food delivery gift card right now?
    • Does your client love coffee?
    • Is your client a gamer?
    • Do they have a child graduating this year?
  • Who doesn’t love to win? Run a contest for clients and the prize can be an eGift cards
    • Cutest pet contest
    • Best photo caption
    • Trivia contest
    • Most unique home office

Use this opportunity to build on and form new connections. When you build trust people are more likely to remember you and buy from you.

Have you tried unique selling ideas? Please share them with us!